What is the organizing process like?

The process can be different for different clients, and you can be involved as much or as little as you please. In general, we follow our Ease Up Method, which broadly involves 3 phases:

  1. Sort – We discover each and every item, get each item into the correct room and sort ‘like with like’ down to each useful category. We show you exactly how much of each item you have,
    allowing you to make informed choices about what to keep.
  2. Release & Remove – We help you decide which items to keep and release, and we pack unwanted items for removal. This step ensures that you keep and store only the items that you use and love.
  3. Contain & Place – We make sure that everything you own is easy to find, retrieve and put away. This step ensures that the items you use the most get the best storage real estate. It also allows us to assess the need for additional storage infrastructure.