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Lindsay’s organizing skills developed over a decade while using them as her main coping mechanism for depression. Lindsay finds joy in increasing ease for people and organizing allows her to do that in a way that feels truly useful and lasting. At Ease Up Organizing, Lindsay loves how organization is connected to mental wellness and how it allows our clients to engage in better self-care.
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Sandra has always had a knack for organizing, often being referred to as Monica from friends by those closest to her, which you may find funny, but is extremely accurate. Sandra believes that being organized is a form of self-love because when you de-clutter your surroundings, you de-clutter your mind, allowing you to focus on nurturing your soul to experience life and find what brings you real joy.
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Katelyn is an organizer and a writer, as well as an advocate for survivors of gendered violence. Her work in various social service contexts influences her writing on topics such as inequality, emotional well-being, and yes, organizing. She believes that a person will never be free until they rid themselves of the things that weigh them down — whether that’s shame, unsuitable relationships, or physical clutter in their personal spaces.
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Organizing for Sarah is a skill that has always come naturally to her. Traditionally organizing has been an undervalued skill set, so finding a business that allowed her to professionally organize has opened up a new purpose in life. Being able to share the immense feeling of ease and content with clients has been the biggest reward for Sarah. Leaving a client with a better sense of self and satisfaction is really a win-win for everyone.
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Growing up, Kandy shared a space with three sisters, and learned from a very young age the importance of keeping her belonging tidy and in an unmistakable place. Having moved several times, the process of purging items before every move in order to “move less” slowly became a habit that spread into Kandy’s way of living. She innately made the connection that having everything in a “place” and having less of that “thing” made for a certain ease. Less clutter, less confusion equals a happier way of life.