Purge Support

According to your values, with sensitivity and without judgement, Ease Up will help you evaluate which belongings have a rightful, functional and/or sentimental place in your space.

Expert Instruction

Ease Up effectively teaches clients about organization. This inspires and gives ours clients the tools to organize other areas of their life independently. Ease Up provides more than a service, it delivers education.


Ease Up can organize and beautify active work spaces so they are both functional and fashionable. Such areas include book shelves, desktops, and cupboards with glass doors, china cabinets, open shelving and counter tops.

Storage Solutions

Items will be put away in the best place possible, in the best way possible. They will be easy to identify, easy to access and arranged to be aesthetically pleasing.

Life Hack Expertise

Ease Up is excellent at solving and simplifying everyday problems with novel productivity tricks and shortcuts. Life hacks increase productivity and efficiency in a clever and non-obvious way.

CustomEASE Expertise

Ease Up will incorporate customized efficiency solutions. Every item will be placed within reach in a spot that is both intuitive and logical. Ease Up will create outside-of-the-box solutions, cleverly designed to maximize work flow, look professional and be pleasing to the eye.

Redesign Expertise

Furniture layout is reconfigured to fully utilize space, function and aesthetics.

Re-purposing Excellence

With creativity and resourcefulness Ease Up can repurpose items so they provide unconventional function or fashion. This minimizes the expense that clients incur for organizational supplies by using what they already own.

Environmental Consideration

Ease Up works hard to limit its landfill contribution; we make the proper effort to reduce, reuse, re-think, recycle or donate at every possible opportunity.

Style And Taste

Ease Up brings excellent trending and timeless interior design looks to any space.

Space Expansion

Ease Up’s ingenious storage solutions will give you space that you don’t know you have.

Macro Level Organization

Ease Up will arrange furniture and large/small appliances to maximize work ease and maintainability at the macro level.

Micro Level Organization

Ease Up will detail drawers, desktops, kits, closets, filing cabinets and storage containers to maximize work ease and maintainability at the micro level.


Ease Up makes your things and your space look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. This minimizes the expense that you incur for décor items by bringing out the beauty of items you already own.