Decluttering Services to Organize Your Home or Office

Feel Proud to Invite Guests into your Space

With sensitivity and without judgement, Ease Up Organizing will work with you to sort and declutter your possessions, ensuring you have the final say about every item.

We will help you make decisions about:

  • What to keep
  • What to gift to family or friends
  • What to donate or throw away – taking the proper steps to donate or dispose of unwanted items in a way that makes you most happy

Once we have decluttered, we will help you organize what you have chosen to keep.

The Beauty of Decluttering

When you have removed those unnecessary items from an overcrowded space you can:

  • Relax, unwind, and enjoy more physical and emotional space in your life
  • Relieve the stress associated with disorganization and clutter
  • Spend less time looking for lost items
  • Spend more time doing things that bring you joy
  • Start that special project you have been thinking of
  • Feel proud to invite people into your home

Ease Up’s Decluttering Services (or How it Works)

Ease Up Organizing serves clients throughout Greater Toronto. We’ll come to you to provide a pressure-free consultation. Through our onsite consultation, you’ll get to know us and how we work. We answer any and every question. Our aim is to make sure that we meet your organizing needs.

After our consultation, we’ll provide a written project estimate.

Why Decluttering and Organizing?

  • Make any space function better. Work faster, be more productive and engage with your hobbies more.
    Feel calm, in control, motivated and inspired. Escape unnecessary stress.
  • Enjoy being in and working in your space. You will feel proud and confident.
  • Find everything in your space. You will use the things you own that you previously didn’t use.
  • Access your things most easily. Use more of your belongings more regularly.
  • Enjoy being in and working in your space. You will feel proud and confident.


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