General Questions

Professional organizing is an emerging industry that seeks to help people who are feeling the stress and frustration of clutter, disorganization and inefficiency in their daily lives.

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The process can be different for different clients, and you can be involved as much or as little as you please. In general, we follow our Ease Up Method, which broadly involves 3 phases:

  1. Sort – We discover each and every item, get each item into the correct room and sort ‘like with like’ down to each useful category. We show you exactly how much of each item you have,
    allowing you to make informed choices about what to keep.
  2. Release & Remove – We help you decide which items to keep and release, and we pack unwanted items for removal. This step ensures that you keep and store only the items that you use and love.
  3. Contain & Place – We make sure that everything you own is easy to find, retrieve and put away. This step ensures that the items you use the most get the best storage real estate. It also allows us to assess the need for additional storage infrastructure.

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Unfortunately, there is no “typical job”, so the overall cost depends more on what your budget is and how much you hope to accomplish. In most cases, it is best to invite one of our team members into your space for a free consultation. Please give us a call at 1-833-EASEUP1 (1-833-327-3871), or fill out our contact form.

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Anytime really, however our services are especially valuable for:

  • Pre-renovation declutter – design your renovation around an established volume of inventory and move your stuff back in quickly and easy.
  • Pre-move declutter – experts know that the best way to save money on your move is to declutter first, plus it makes moving into your new place much less painful.
  • Pre-stage decluttering – not only will your home show better and attract a higher price, but with less stuff it will save you money ahead of your move. Win-win!

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Personal Questions

Many of our clients feel embarrassment for their organizational situation and some even apologize to us about the state of their space. We can assure you this is not necessary! The fact is that life is very busy these days and people simply do not have the time or energy to implement organizational systems that would support greater well being. Seeking out help means that you are taking control of the problem, and that should be empowering! Please read our blog, Disorganization and Self-Judgement if you are curious to know more of our perspective on this topic.

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Disorganization and clutter happens slowly, over a long period of time. Year after year it gets a little bit worse, but never at a rate that stops you in your tracks and forces you to deal with it. Before you know it, significant time, skill and effort are required to get your space back under control. At some point the organizing job becomes so much more than one person can tackle, so it gets avoided and might even become a source of shame and embarrassment. The fact is, you have enough other tasks to keep you busy. Let us take care of your organizational needs!

We also recommend reading this blog on Disorganization and Self-Judgement.

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Nope. Disorganization and clutter associated stress is prevalent. Here are some reasons why:

  • Our lives are more fast paced and multi-faceted than ever.
  • We have access to more ideas and hobbies than ever before. Our desire to do more things requires us to buy more things (and often leads to half-finished projects everywhere).
  • Rising housing costs mean that people are living in smaller spaces.
  • Marketing firms are working harder than ever to try to get us to buy their products.
  • Mental health strain has people turning to retail therapy for bursts of happiness, and online shopping makes that even easier.

Read some our reviews to understand the impact that our service is having in people’s lives.

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Yes, it is hard (for some) to believe. At Ease Up we know that being vulnerable and asking for support is a sign of strength. We are so proud of our clients who enlist our services and it is so rewarding when they realize that with their risk-taking comes great reward. It takes a strong and courageous person to ask for help in areas where they need support.

When you hire Ease Up Organizers it is like you are enlisting the help of your trusted friends who love and accept you unconditionally. We know that “life happens”, and that your disorganized state is not a reflection of your worth or ability. When we see your space we see the potential in your future that we can unlock.

It is our commitment to being non-judgmental that allows people to let us in to help them.

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No problem. We’ve all got those areas ourselves 😉. Just tell us ahead of time and we will respect your wishes. We will make sure to label those boxes or areas first thing. You can also label them “Keep Out” before we get there as well.

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Value Questions

Yes, if you put things back where they are supposed to go.
Yes, if you use this opportunity to establish the inventory levels of all the items in your home and live within your spatial means.
Yes, if all people in the space are committed to maintaining the space as a team.

If you go through this process in a “do it once, do it right” way, the transformation of the space can be so significant that you will be inspired to maintain and protect your haven.
Because this process can happen so quickly and dramatically with our team, the change is often impossible to take for granted. The energy required to maintain the space is far less compared to when the space was so energetically-draining.

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We understand that our service can seem expensive at first. But you will find that the benefit it brings to your life is so valuable. To quote a recent online review:

“Having experienced their magic, I can honestly say I don’t understand how someone WOULDN’T spend money on this. It is an investment in your home AND your well-being … Without exaggeration, the service that Ease Up provided was life changing.”

Our team is highly talented and incredibly industrious. They will organize your space beyond your expectations.

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Tangible Benefits:

  • By reclaiming your space, you fill find that you have more storage that you thought.
  • By managing your belongings, you will use your things more effectively.
  • By eliminating clutter and maximizing efficiency, you will save money by not over-buying stuff you already have.

Non-Tangible Benefits:

  • Maximizing efficiency means that you have more time to spend on more important things.
  • Being in your space will rejuvenate you, rather than drain your energy.
  • An organized space will save your sanity.

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Ease Up attracts people who feel that organizing is their vocation. Our people are passionate about improving people’s lives and are intrinsically motivated to do great organizing work. Because of these things we are engaged, energized and industrious when we work.

Our non-judgmental approach means that we are able to connect with our clients in personal and meaningful ways. It will feel like you have enlisted the help of a trusted friend.

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