Ease Up Organizing Pricing

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Skillful Solo
6 hours of progress
Delightful Duo
12 hours of progress
Trusted Trio
18 hours of progress
Friendly Four
24 hours of progress
Fabulous Five
30 hours of progress

Pricing Considerations

  • If a job takes us 24 hours to complete, it would likely take you at least twice as long – roughly 48 hours. How long will it take you to put 48 hours, of your free time, into your project? It is unlikely that you can achieve the professional final result that we do. You can put in 48 hours of your own time and effort OR hire our Friendly Four for a day (a total of 24 hours of progress), and get the best results! Imagine what it will feel like to have the entire project done in one day!
  • The size of a team is based on the size of the work space and volume of work.
  • We sell our organizing inventory at retail + 25%
  • One donation drop-off is $50
  • One Garbage & Recycling drop-off is $50
  • Other services that we arrange and manage for you are in addition to these rates (professional movers, junk removal, rental storage units, cleaners etc.)


For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned

– Benjamin Franklin