Hitting the Open Road

Getting something down on the page for this introductory blog has not been easy. This is how it has been going: I start the process, hit the speed bump, get all jostled, stop, reverse and pause. Then again, I start the process, hit the speed bump, get all jostled, stop, reverse and pause. There have been at least five of these attempts, over two days, and I am growing tired of it. So here I go: my seat belt is on, the emergency break is off and I’ve checked all my mirrors. I’m a good driver, I’ll be fine. It is time to ease on the accelerator, get past these speed bumps and move forward. Ok, I’m picking up speed, I’m moving. Exhale.


It’s too bad this blog is not actually about cars or driving – that introduction would have been perfect if that was the case. Instead this blog is about ease – the absence of difficulty or effort (the very opposite of what I experienced while starting this darn introductory blog.)


The purpose of this blog mirrors the purpose of Ease Up – it exists to make your life easier, thus better, thus more enjoyable. This betterment and enjoyment may come in the form of a simple tip that you can implement immediately to enhance your ease. Sometimes the enjoyment will come from exploring a new and interesting idea that takes your mind on a beautiful Sunday drive. Other times, I hope to teach you valuable principals and ways-of-thinking about organization and efficiency that I have developed over my years; you can take these and apply them to your life as you see fit. Overall, one of my top delights in life is helping people live their life with greatest of ease. Tune in to my blog and I will do my best to minimize the speed bumps in your life.


Photo credit: Theen Moy