Fling into Spring with these Five (+1) Organizing Tips

Spring is here and that means time to get organized – below are 5 ways to do just that!


1. Entryway Excavating
Your entrance is the first thing you see when you get home so it’s time to give it some much-deserved love and attention. Time to put away the bulky winter gear (boots, coats, hats, scarves, gloves) and streamline your entrance for spring. Before packing things away, look carefully at what you used, what actually fits and what you might want to donate or give away. A tidier entrance makes everyone feel better – enjoy it!

2. Kitchen Clean Up
Out with the heavy soups, in with more salads? No matter what you plan to make, going through your cupboards and using up what you have, while tossing out what has expired, feels great. Don’t forget the freezer! And when you come across dishware, small appliances, etc. that have not been used in a while, consider donating them in, order to make more space for what you do want and do use. While you are at it, give every surface a good wipe – your cupboards will love you for it!

3. Clothes Clearance
As we move from sweaters to shirts, pants to dresses, boots to shoes, it’s time to edit our closets! Really take a hard look at what you like to wear — not what may work when you loose/gain weight, fix it, get invited to a wedding, etc. – and choose based on the feeling it gives you. Okay, a little practicality is okay too. Donating clothes that no longer serve you allows others enjoy what you no longer need/want, plus you make room for what really does make you feel good about yourself. Win-win, right?

4. Office Overhaul
Now is a good time to sort through your winter paperwork by making piles for ‘file’, ‘shred’, ‘recycle’, and ‘take action’ – you’ll feel more in control and while you’re it, grab an empty box and search for any electronic gear you no longer need. Typically found in back corners, under desks, in drawers, and up high in closets, these cords, chargers, phones, etc. can be dropped off at an electronic waste centre. Tip: Label cords so you know who their partner is – when the device is done, so is the part!

5. I’ll Deal It With Later – Now!
We all have them…spaces like the basement, garage, extra bedroom, home office – places where we put things that we’ll deal with “later.” Maybe spring is time to deal with your later?! Many decisions are waiting to be made so why not decide to make them and sort into ‘keep and put away’, donate, recycle, and/or trash.

Bonus Tip If You Have Kids…
You know how their stuff can take over…spring is a great time to edit toys, deciding with your child/ren what to keep, give away, or sell. There are many places who will gladly accept your toys and clothes – find one that’s meaningful to you and your family. Kids can be happy with less, and we are the ones to lead this process.

Your comments, suggestions and feedback are always appreciated and can be sent to jessica@easeup.ca

About the Author

Having caught the organizational bug early on trying to “balance” things out as an elite gymnast, Jessica Tudos brings a diverse set of skills and experiences to her role as a professional organizer.  Drawing from her global work as an experiential educator, author, and motivational speaker, Jessica is on a mission to empower people to lead healthy, creative and organized lives.