Five Benefits of Getting Professionally Organized

Written by Jessica Greaves February 15, 2019 HomeStars

Getting organized is often easier said than done. Many of us can feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we have and finding enough time to get through it all is often enough of a hassle for us to give up before we’ve even started. If you’ve had the best intentions but haven’t been able to actually get it done, it’s time to call in a pro. Luckily, there are professional organizers out there who love nothing more than sorting out our homes. Read on to learn the benefits of getting professionally organized.

What is a Professional Organizer?

Much like the name suggests, a professional organizer is someone who has special skills, knowledge and tools to turn any home, no matter how messy and out of order, into a perfectly organized masterpiece. Professional organizers can help with a variety of tasks all throughout the home. From smaller tasks like rearranging your kitchen cupboards to bigger projects like clearing out and reorganizing your basement, a professional organizer can help you make the best use of your space.

Aside from their organizational skills, a professional organizer’s job is to help keep you on track and make the entire process easier for you. We spoke to Lindsay Whisen, owner of Ease Up — The Organizing Experts, to learn more about the benefits of hiring a team of professional organizers.


1. It’s Their Job to Make it Easier for You

Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part. When you attempt to organize on your own, you can easily feel overwhelmed and abandon the project before you even get started. Hiring a pro helps you stay on track. After an initial consultation, your team of pros will have a game plan in place to help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small they are.

In addition to guiding you through the process, your team is there to support you, both emotionally and physically. Going through personal possessions can take us down memory lane which can sidetrack us from the task at hand. Having an outsider who isn’t emotionally attached to your items will make sorting through them easier. Instead of getting caught up in the past, your team will be able to guide you through the process and keep you moving forward.

2. They Will Accomplish More Faster

In addition to the emotional support and keeping you on track, having an entire team behind you will help you accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. This means that you will save a significant amount of time as compared to doing it by yourself. When it comes to how much time you can save, Lindsay estimates that a 6 person team can complete around 45 hours of progress in just one day! These 45 hours would take the average person working alone at least 90 hours to complete. Just think of all the time you will be saving by getting the pros involved.

3. They Have a Passion for Organizing

It should come as no surprise that we often avoid the tasks we do not want to do. If organizing is last on your list of household chores, it’s safe to assume you’re not going to enjoy the process if you attempt it on your own. That’s why having a team of people who genuinely love organizing makes it so much easier to get into it. You’ll feel supported by a team of people who have a passion for what they are doing.

Working with a team will make the process easier for you as you’ll be surrounded by people who not only enjoy what they’re doing, they’re experts at it. Lindsay says her clients are continually surprised by how much they enjoy the process overall. Who knows, you may find a new love for organizing once all is said and done.

4. They Provide Lasting Results

How many times have you cleaned off a shelf or sorted through a junk drawer only to have it back to the way it was in less than a week? This is because when the average person organizes, we’re not thinking about functionality. Often times we’re too focused on achieving the “after” and don’t think about how we’re going to actually live with our newly organized space.

A team of pros will not only help you organize, but they will also figure out the best way to keep things organized once they leave. By making your space as easy as possible to maintain, your pros will make it nearly impossible for you to mess it up again.

Another benefit is that when organizing is done fast, the results have more of an impact on the client. Lindsay has noticed that when clients experience a drastic “before and after” they are more protective of the new space and they feel more inspired and determined to maintain it.

5. You Will Feel So Much Better

The biggest benefit of hiring a team of professional organizers is how great you will feel once it is done. Your day to day life will be easier as you will know exactly where everything is. Your pros will ensure that they set up systems that are easy for you to follow so that you will not slip back into your disorganized ways. They will also provide you with tips such as Lindsay’s golden rule of staying organized — always put things away.

In addition to living in a more functional home, you will feel better emotionally and mentally. Our environments have a big impact on how we feel. Living in a disorganized and cluttered home can contribute to feeling overwhelmed and anxious. It’s been shown that living in a well-maintained home can actually help support mental wellness. From Lindsay’s experience, clients have reported feeling significantly less anxious and depressed as a result of having their homes organized.

When it comes to hiring professionals to get organized the only downside is not having done it sooner. While you could spend all of your precious free time trying to tackle your mess, having a team of trained professionals will make things so much easier for you. Save your time, energy and sanity by bringing in the pros to do it with you. You will feel so much better and wonder why it took you didn’t do it sooner. When you’re ready to get started, find a team of professional organizers on HomeStars. Your happiness at the end of the project will be well worth the money.