Decluttering Tips To Keep Your Home Clean For Good

Ease Up was recently featured in a blog post about decluttering your home from the company, Bin There Dump That. Here is what we had to say:

Decluttering means decision time! Which items do you keep and which items need to go?

Most people who are decluttering feel psychologically overwhelmed and tight on space. One great question that often helps people make swift decisions when deciding whether to keep or release an item is “what do I want more right now?… more space? or this item?”

Most people are decluttering because they are starting to realize the wellness that comes from living within their spacial means. In other words, a lot of people are waking up to the energetically draining “cost” of having more physical items that reasonably fit into their space.

It is wise to remind yourself while you are editing your items that you are engaging in this task because you are longing for more order, ease, clear surfaces and easy-to-find items

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