Coach, Confidant & Other Roles of the Professional Organizer

Oh what fun it is to work in a job where one take-on so many different roles to accomplish the task.

“Professional Organizer” is the term we use at the onset of a new organizing project, but in reality, there are many more we could include.

Here is my shortlist of ten roles professional organizers take-on – I am sure there are more to add!

  1. Coach – We warm up by talking, we practice by sorting like with like, we complete by placing everything in an ideal location, and we celebrate by enjoying a new sense of ease in our lives.
  2. Counsellor – We advise on the best ways to move forward, in regards to your space, your stuff and your life.
  3. Mediator – Helping to ease the stress of differences in opinion, we listen to all stakeholder opinions, and then we act.
  4. Confidante – In your private space, stories emerge and are shared. We listen, confidentially.
  5. Cheerleader –  When we know you are so close to making an important change or decision, we bring out our organizing pom poms and say “go for it”!
  6. Sounding Board – Decisions about your belongings can be hard to make. We listen and offer advice, if and when you need it most.
  7. Designer – Making sure your space and your belongings are functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  8. Budgeting Consultant –  Helping you make the most of your financial investment in the organizing process.
  9. Storage Specialist – Where will everything fit? What options exist? Maximizing the storage solutions you already have, while offering suggestions as to what might work best, is the balance we aim to achieve.
  10. Visionary – Seeing the potential in your space, and the benefits of organizing it, is in our DNA; it’s what we do to ensure you live your life with the greatest of ease.

There is one more role I’d like to include, that of superhero. Who doesn’t want to be a superhero?

As a client shared recently, “without you leading the charge, I would never have been able to do this – too overwhelming, too scary with way too many decisions to make.” It is a great feeling when you, and your clients, feel like organizing superheroes. The organizing process involves teamwork and trust…and superhuman powers. It is a privilege and responsibility to take on any of the roles above.  And when you see how organization leads to less stress and more ease, you know it’s worth the effort – always.

Please share your comments or suggestions – we always love to hear from you!

About the Author

Having caught the organizational bug early on trying to “balance” things out as an elite gymnast, Jessica Tudos brings diverse skills and experiences to her professional organizing.  Drawing from her global work as an experiential educator, author, and motivational speaker, Jessica is on a mission to empower people to lead healthy, creative and organized lives.