A Necessity for the 21st Century?

Most of us have been there at one time or another – suffering, in some area, from disorganization-associated stress. The look and feeling of being disorganized deflates our morale, curbs our productivity and wastes our most precious resources: space, belongings, money, energy and time. Clutter and disorganization are difficult for many people to avoid, especially considering the way we are encouraged to purchase things and how fast-paced and multifaceted the events and obligations of our lives are. I’ve had clients realize for themselves that Professional Organizing is a new necessity – a necessity for the 21st century.

Some individuals have the tools, time and desire to make their physical lives orderly for themselves, but what if you don’t? The best answer is… hire a Professional Organizer (a PO). Although POs have existed for nearly 15 years, this professional title still surprises about 50% of people. The other half of the population, who have hired a PO or had a friend hire one, know the immense value we deliver. In short, all organizers deliver ease in your physical existence – the absence of difficulty or effort. In other words, smooth operations. We use organizational and efficiency solutions to create ease in our clients’ physical lives.

Just as some people need a personal trainer to prioritize, support and provide the expert guidance to improve their physical health, a PO is hired to prioritize, support and provide the expert guidance to improve a person’s organizational systems. Fortunately, with a PO – you don’t have to do the workout. A PO like me does not stand-by and tell you what to do – I roll up my sleeves, get right into the middle of your stuff and space and do it for you with your needs at the forefront of my mind.

Professional Organizing is a personal service that can make clients feel extremely vulnerable – you are in fact asking someone into your space to make your physical space function and look better. We should see everything; if we don’t, we cannot deliver our best end product. If your PO is good, you will feel like a trusted friend is working for you and you will quickly feel comfortable inviting them to handle your belongings and work in your private space. It is easy for me to practice non-judgment with my clients – I actually recognize that asking for organizational help (or any kind of help for that matter) is a wise and courageous move. It takes a strong person to admit when they need help and an even stronger person to hire help. Heaven knows that “No Man Is an Island”; this is true for me too. I cannot, and do not, take care of all my needs by myself; I need the support of different professionals in my life too. I have come to learn that we are all here to support one another in our areas of weakness – organization and efficiency solutions just happen to be my strength that I can offer to others to make their lives easier.