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Toronto’s Ease Up Organizing transforms your overwhelm as we organize and declutter your life.

  • Downsizing a senior parent?
  • Preparing your home for sale?
  • Need help packing and moving?
  • Tackling a home renovation project?
  • Decluttering your home or office?


Enjoy your life: leave stress and embarrassment behind

We have designed Ease Up’s professional organizing services to free you from the stress and embarrassment clutter and disorganization creates. We want you to transform from defeat to empowerment.

Your well-being, comfort and satisfaction are paramount to us. We operate with compassion, integrity and professionalism.

We love what we do! Let us help you live more freely and lightly.

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Transform your feelings of overwhelm to empowerment. Feel calm, in control, motivated and inspired. Your space should reflect what is important to you. Work more efficiently, be more productive, and spend more time doing what you love.

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Relax, unwind, and enjoy more physical and emotional space in your life. Relieve the stress associated with disorganization. Spend less time focusing on clutter, and more time on the things that are important to you.



You have decided to downsize your living space and now you can look forward to less upkeep and daily chores, less stress, and greater peace of mind. With patience and understanding, we help you transition to your smaller living space.



Are you responsible for clearing out a lifetime of memories from a loved-one’s home? Are you overwhelmed by the sheer volume of items, and the physical and emotional effort it will take to clear it?



Are you moving to a new home? Perhaps downsizing to a smaller space? Moving is said to be the third most stressful life event, after divorce, and death of a loved-one. But it doesn’t have to be stressful.



Are you assisting your parent or another senior citizen in moving into new housing? Any move, regardless of age, can cause a good deal of stress. EaseUp Professional Organizers will relieve you of the pressure and stress of such a move.


"If you are embarrassed about clutter and disorganization, we assure you, we do not judge. Life happens and your disorganized state it is not a reflection of your worth or ability. We know that asking for help is a sign of strength. When we see your space, we see the potential in your future."



Whether it be a time of transition, a certain project, or managing life's artifacts that pile up around you, our Organizing Experts are here to help you live your life with the greatest of ease. Our Organizing services transform your feelings of overwhelm to empowerment.


With your comfort and satisfaction at the forefront of our minds, we operate with compassion & integrity. To be invited into your space demands that we are impeccably trustworthy and judgment free. With warmth, care and light-heartedness we work hard to produce results.


We have an earnest desire to help others break free from clutter and disorganization associated stress. We feel tremendously useful and happy when we make people's lives easier. Because we excel at all things organizing, it is personally rewarding when we do it - it's a win-win.


Purge support, storage solutions, life hacks, re-purposing, space expansion and more.



Whether it be for your personal space or for a business, we save you time, space, money, and energy.



We follow a set of principles and guidelines set by Professional Organizers in Canada (POC).



Pauline - Ease Up Team Member


Pauline has a passion for organizing and helping people. She is a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada association, and is a program advisor for its Toronto chapter. Clients describe her as reliable, positive, hardworking, motivating, and professional.

Pauline believes the most important ability Ease Up Organizing brings to a project is assisting clients in a caring, judgement-free manner.

    Lindsay - Team - Ease Up


    Lindsay’s organizing skills developed over a decade while using them as her main coping mechanism for depression. Lindsay finds joy in increasing ease for people and organizing allows her to do that in a way that feels truly useful and lasting.

    At Ease Up Organizing, Lindsay loves how organization is connected to mental wellness and how it allows our clients to engage in better self-care.

      Jeff Orr - Professional Organizer

      JEFF ORR

      Jeff turned his ordered and organized life practices into his profession. An inquisitive and caring nature has aided his ability to listen to clients and create solutions that work for their specific needs. Jeff is Vice Chair of the Professional Organizers in Canada, Toronto Chapter, and is a member of its programming committee.

      Jeff enjoys working with clients to help them establish function and calm into their busy lives.

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        Happy Organized Clients

        “We had little time to get a full house ready to sell. To complicate matters our work schedules were very full, not to mention two little kids who require a lot of attention! We contacted Ease Up Organizing and they did an amazing job getting our house organized – we were able to get ready for staging by having our items put into storage, and they then made all the arrangements to have items returned to us when the house sold.  They were professional, friendly and did exactly what they said they would do within the budget provided. I’m very impressed and would recommend them to anyone!”

        Chris L.

        “I am very grateful for the incredible work Pauline of Ease Up did to organize our home office, a task too daunting for my husband and I to tackle on our own. It feels so nice to have a space that we can get productive work done in, thanks to her smart ideas and systems. We will definitely call on her expertise again for help with future projects!”


        “I would absolutely recommend Ease Up without hesitation. I used their service for support in clearing out the apartment of my elderly relative who had recently passed away. It was a daunting task to start with and then such a difficult time to be trying to deal with the particulars of the estate in the midst of grieving. The Ease Up team were kind, thoughtful, efficient and trustworthy in every way. Absolutely responsive to every request or question I had and in the end even came in under budget. The peace of mind they provided was absolutely invaluable and I will not hesitate to use their services again.”


        “My wife hired Ease Up Organizing to organize our very busy kitchen. The idea of hiring someone to change my ‘personal space’ seemed a little intimidating at first but I knew the kitchen really needed the work. With Lindsay’s delightful attitude and professional approach my unease was quickly put to rest. She is quick, professional, and has an amazing eye for spotting ways to improve efficiencies I would have never thought possible! It took us a few weeks to get used to the changes, but well worth the effort! I would highly recommend Ease Up Organizing for anyone looking for organizing help or as a gift to help another! Great Job!!”

        Daniel H.

        “My Father needed to sell the home where he and my Mother had raised their family. The house had accumulated 40+ years’ worth of household items, furniture, and memories. The Ease Up crew completely decluttered the house so that it was ready to put on the market. We were amazed at the transformation. It showed beautifully and sold quickly. Ease Up Organizing took much of the stress out of what could have otherwise been an extremely stressful and difficult process. We can’t thank Pauline enough for all of her excellent leadership and hard work!”

        Jennifer Maki

        “Ease Up are my heroes! As a single mom I felt overwhelmed by the prospect of preparing to move from my home of seventeen years. I was thrilled to find Ease Up Organizing who helped me decide which items in my cluttered basement to keep, which ones I could sell in a garage sale, and which ones I wanted to give to my friends and family. Once I had moved, the team helped me unpack my boxes and settle into my new home. I really appreciated their gentle persistence, friendly style, an all the hard work they did to help make my move a pleasurable adventure.”

        Anita Heidema


        Take a deep breath, exhale, and relax your shoulders ...ease is on the way.

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